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原标题:Oracle 10g的DBA无法登录解决方案

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下面就是解决方案: 1- From the command prompt, stop isqlplus: c:isqlplusctl stop 2- Assuming that you install oracle under C drive, run the following comands: c:set oracle_home=c:oracleproduct10.2.0db_1 c:set java_home=%ORACLE_HOME%jdk 3- Change directory to: cd %ORACLE_HOME%oc4jj2eeisqlplusapplication-deploymentsisqlplus 4- Suppose you need to create a new user with user name 'yoyo' and password 'ch51*****', run the following command: %JAVA_HOME%binjava -Djava.security.properties=%ORACLE_HOME%oc4jj2eehomeconfigjazn.security.props -jar %ORACLE_HOME%oc4jj2eehomejazn.jar -user "iSQL*Plus DBA/admin" -password welcome -adduser "iSQL*Plus DBA" yoyo ch51***** 5- To check that adding this new user was successful, run the following command: %JAVA_HOME%binjava -Djava.security.properties=%ORACLE_HOME%oc4jj2eehomeconfigjazn.security.props -jar %ORACLE_HOME%oc4jj2eehomejazn.jar -user "iSQL*Plus DBA/admin" -password welcome -listusers "iSQL*Plus DBA" 结果: admin yoyo 6- To grant a user access to the webDba role from the command line, enter: %JAVA_HOME%binjava -Djava.security.properties=%ORACLE_HOME%oc4jj2eehomeconfigjazn.security.props -jar %ORACLE_HOME%oc4jj2eehomejazn.jar -user "iSQL*Plus DBA/admin" -password welcome -grantrole webDba "iSQL*Plus DBA" yoyo 7- Now, run start isqlplus again and enjoy it: isqlplusctl start 8. 再次访问: , 给出用户名和密码: yoyo 和 ch51***** ,就可看到isqlplus的登入界面, 然后再提供用户名:SYSTEM,口令:ch51*****, 连接标识:(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS_LIST=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=KCSQLBI)(PORT=1521)))(CONNECT_DATA=(SERVICE_NAME=orcl))),权限SYSDBA, 就可以访问了。

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